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Month: October 2013

A long term review of surgically treated enlarged breasts – ResearchGate

Gastroschisis – management challenges

  A  BC   D  E F    G H Gastroschisis is a congenital defect of the anterior abdominal wall . The baby is born with a full thickness tear to the right of the umbilicus with evisceration of segments…

Blood in urine 'could signal cancer'

Blood in urine ‘could signal cancer’

India battles dengue fever outbreak

India battles dengue fever outbreak

Update : On the use of heparin in management of burns

I’m happy to share with you these updates on the use of heparin in burns management. I hope it adresses some of the issues on termination of treatment. Further attempts are being made at getting the full cost of treatment….

Bilateral tarsal ectropion

        50 year old presented to the eye clinic with longstanding eversion of both eyelids, increased tearing, and visual discomfort. This had adverselsy affected the quality of his social life. He often had to wear sunglasses  to protect…

Frontalis Suspension Surgery in Upper Eyelid Blepharoptosis

'Breaking the hymen' to save a life – hydrocolpus

   4 month od female child was reffered to KATH paediatric surgery team presenting with 1. Inability to pass urine adequatelly for 3 months 2. Abdominal distension for 3months Child is the last born of six children born to a…

Prolapsed mass that tricked many

One year old boy was referred to KATH paediatric surgery team from a district hospital with recurrent rectal prolapse for the past one month.  Child has been experiencing this condition resulting in several hospital visits.  On each ocassion the mass…

Ovarian tumour of mega proportion

     35 year old nulliparous woman presents with abdominal mass of years duration. This was associated with early satiety , weight loss . Examination : Generally well looking, slightly wasted. Obvious uniformly enlarged abdomen, looking globular, no lower limb…