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Tricky to the eye, not a rash at all
General Surgery

Tricky to the eye, not a rash at all

IMG-20130706-WA0002 IMG-20130706-WA0000    IMG-20130706-WA0003 IMG-20130706-WA0005
30 year old man presented at our consulting room with what he described as malformed penis . This  malformation has been present since birth is painless increasing in size but does not impair normal life . He is able to urinate and maintain erection normally but hasn. hasn’t attempted having sex due to what he describes as unsightly appearance of his genital. He also has extragenital soft tissue malformation on feet and thighs but these didn’t bother him.
Examination :
1.Genital lesions were soft non tender and readily empties with presssure rapidly refilling on release of the presssure ,especially at the glans penis
2.Patient had dysmorphic appearance of the feet
.3. Non pulsatile tortuose veins on medial thigh
Diagnosis :AV malformation
Collagen Vascular Disorder
Patient refered to plastic surgeons . Lost to follow up


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