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Assessment of hand injuries
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Assessment of hand injuries

The department of surgery is holding a 2 week programme on assessment of hand injuries. The series of presentation would be done by a visiting  Professor  by the name Neil Salyapongse from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Doctor Salyapongse is a Clinical Assistant Professor,  Division of Plastic And Reconstructive  Surgery. His interest are in the disorders of the upper extremities regarding trauma, nerve compressions and athritis. He also performs reconstructive surgeries following trauma, tumour surgery,  and congenital abnormalities. He has publications covering gouty flexor tenosynovitis of the digits, impaired wound healing and angiogenesis in eNOS -deficient mice amongst other. The department encourages all memebers and especially residents to partake fully in the presentations. The programme which starts at 8am is being held at the trauma conference room. Daily sessions lasts a maximum of 60 minutes.


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