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Nursing is a noble profession and as a result most young women want to be trained as such. As noble as it can, most people would want to be nurses because it is lucrative.
Growing up, I had the opportunity of joining my mum to the hospital a couple of times because of her work and I loved what I saw, how nurses cared for patients, so for me becoming a nurse was something I grew fond of and I felt I could also give a quota to society although the care I would give to the patients I would come into contact with.
The day I received my admission letter from my alma mater is one of the days that I will not forget, I was so happy. Preparations were made towards school, with all fees paid and hostel acquired. I proceeded to school on the 3rd October, 2005. On this faithful day, it was with much enthusiasm and zeal that I left my parents with the hope that I was going to school to be trained for my dreams. It was all fun, meeting new people. I made a few friends during the first week whiles going through registration.
I settled in bits by bits and then lectures started. Initially things were ok but at a point it got tough and tougher with each day passing with the introduction of new courses. Some of the programmes were interesting but others you just had to try to deal with. It intensified with clinical work with always something new to learn. I built up confidence with each passing day and always tried to perform tasks with ease, the passion for the job grew with each passing day and I always accepted corrections when it came up whiles on the ward as a student and I realized that it was the best way to learn.
After several courses, mid and end of semester exams, the date for the licensing exam was also fast approaching. Three years of toiling and hard work was almost over. The preparation for the licensing exam was also very intensive because it involved everything that you had been taught throughout school and an application of everything that had been learnt on the ward.
Coming this far, I realized that it took so much for one to become a nurse, I remember I said to myself that: I will always respect a nurse, because you give up so much to realize your dreams.
In the year 2008, licensing exam was over. Finally, I remember having knelt in front of my bed each time I get home after writing paper and prayed to God for success. The results came out not long afterwards and I was so happy I made it.
Nursing is a beautiful profession and as such, I am very proud and pleased with myself on a well-deserved accomplishment of completing the nursing program to become a registered nurse.
Having worked very hard to become successful I believe I could achieve my goals. I believed I was about to enter most wonderful and rewarding profession that existed. The willingness, desire and ability to assist those who need nursing care was going to bring great satisfaction to my life.
As I went along, I have come to the realization that the profession of nursing, ones learning is a lifelong process. This aspect of the profession makes it stimulating and dynamic, the learning process will continue to expand and grow as the profession continues to evolve hence lots of effort is needed, as a nurse it is imperative to update yourself with current trends in nursing care through constant reading and practice.
Today I look back and I am very grateful to my tutors as well as everyone who in one way or the other made this dream a success. The training has shaped my life in a lot of ways and impacted my life in a lot of ways and impacted my life positively. I have become more diligent, confident, disciplined and competent a lot more. The ethics of the profession applies in a all I do.
For me, the nursing pledge will always be significant. There are few of the stanzas I carry with me everywhere that; “I acknowledge that the special training I have received has prepared me as a responsible member of the community. I promise to keep my knowledge and skill at the professional level and give the highest of nursing care to my patients. I promise to respect at all times the dignity of the patient in my care, that my personal life shall at all times bring credit to my profession. I promise to care for the sick with all the skill I possess no matter what their race, creed, color, political or social status sparing no efforts to conserve life and alleviate pains.”
I learnt a lot as a rotation nurse in Sogakope district hospital for a period of one year. During this one year, I realized that it wasn’t always going to be that easy practicing as a nurse. There were going to be challenges but in spite of these challenges, one needed to develop a tough skin and give him/her maximum best to face every situation.
Before I completed the rotation, I made up my mind to work in Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and so when we were asked to apply for posting, I picked up an application letter from the HR in KATH and after an interview, I got a job as a Staff Nurse. After an orientation, I was assigned to the burns unit for four years, later worked at ward B3 and presently working at the Specialist Consulting room 9.
Working in KATH has its own merits and demerits; there has been a lot of exposure with career advancement and in-service trainings. There were difficult times but throughout, I have overcome. It’s been seven (7) years already and having come this far, I believe a lot more can be achieved.
Till today, the last stanza of the Nightingale pledge is very dear to my heart and will always ring a bell, “I shall be loyal to my work and devoted towards the welfare of those committed to my care.
On I go, the sky is the limit.


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