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KATH ,Department of Surgery making loses..the real facts
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KATH ,Department of Surgery making loses..the real facts

There has been calls for from management for the surgery department to look at how to cut losses and make profit for the hospital. Comparison is made with the other departments to effect that they churn profits during every quarterly review. Whilst doctors remain resolute that the cause for these loses is due to poor tracking systems for revenue collection, unrealistic (low) rates tarrifs paid for services rendered , pilfering etc, rumours have it that some doctors charge encourage patients to visit their private hospitals and clinics to access services which can equally be rendered in the hospital and this has led to loss of much needed revenue. Not all doctors agree to such accusation even though some admit there may be some element of truth in it. During our last general meeting, residents were asked to keep an eye on bills accrued prior to patients discharge in order to present a strong case that surgeons are doing the best to generate enough income for the hospital and that it is up to management to find out how track every pesewa charged for services.


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