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KATH in the news again
Paediatric Surgery

KATH in the news again

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Case summaries forum has come across   disturbing news making waves in some local news outlets. There are claims that a patient lost his life when a surgeon refused to operate him or delayed in operating him for reasons not clearly stated. The facts about the matter is  still poorly defined except for hearsay. There are varied responses  coming from doctors , workers and the general public. Long story short, we hope the matter would be investigated quickly to clear the name of the doctor and KATH. We encourage colleagues and the public to resist temptations of making ill- informed  comments until the hard facts come out. The hospital was plunged into chaos when an irate mob attacked doctors and nurses two weeks ago. This led to a a week long strike which was called  off thanks to the timely resolution following stakeholders meetings. CSForum is therefore calling on all parties involved to quickly deal the current issues in order to restore normalcy.


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