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Kumasi- Michigan Collaboration
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Kumasi- Michigan Collaboration

The National Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Center, KATH in collaboration with the University of Michigan has installed a video conferencing facility at the oncology conference room to aid the exchange of ideas on health care. The facility aids in real time communication between doctors of KATH and University of Michigan regarding cases and their management. The Oncology unit headed by Dr Osei Bonsu has made giant strides since its establishment in 2004 some of which is the creation of the first cancer registry in the country. It has also moved from 2D to 3D conformal radiotherapy which helps in planning safe doses of radiation to cancerous tissues with minimised effects on healthy tissues. The conference room currently has a seating capacity of 30 with fully installed audiovisual equipment for real time communication. It is expected that such a vital installation would give a platform for doctors to share and compare new modalities in treatment of cancer and other diseases.


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