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Mediastinal tumour
Cardiothoracic Surgery

Mediastinal tumour

62 year old man  presents with 2week duration of progressive dysphagia, no weight loss or cough. CXR  CT ,MRI revealed a mediastinal mass bordering the right atrium.
Differential diagnosis: Bronchogenic  cyst, pericardial cyst, lymphoma
Surgery:A right anterolateral thoracotomy done. Rt lower lung lobe deflated, mass excised by sharp and blunt dissection.  Tube thoracostomy placed, closure of wound done. Whole sample sent for histopathology. Results not yet in at time of compiling this summary
Findings : complex mass with solid and  cystic components,  with fibrous attachment to the Rt atrium and hilum of Rt lung , encroaching on the phrenic nerve.
Credits: Dr Majid for offering the summary
Source : Cardiothoracic unit, Korle Bu, Ghana


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