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Update :  On the use of heparin in management of burns
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Update : On the use of heparin in management of burns

I’m happy to share with you these updates on the use of heparin in burns management. I hope it adresses some of the issues on termination of treatment. Further attempts are being made at getting the full cost of treatment.
Change of dressings of this frequency and scale may be challenging for most district hospitals. It is therefore important that proper planning is made so that quality of care is not compromised at the expense of cost.
Most patients would however be willing to share in the cost  considering the remarkable cosmetic appeal of the treatment. Photo sequence of previously successful treatment modalities should also be made available for viewing by burns patients or relatives at time of presentation. This wil make patients more receptive to the treatment and be more willing to share in cost of treatment
Staff dedication is also importatnt to be able to stick to the scheduled change of dressing in order to yield dividends.
Treatment protocol is for a duration of five (5) days and thereafter wounds are  dressed with popular agents such as dermazine ointment till full recovery.
I hope you find the following material available for download useful
Materials were made available by the burns and plastic reconstruction unit KATH
   Hyper metabolism in severe burns : Its significance and nursing considerations patients
 Heparin wound treatment , summarised version
 Heparin treatment protocol
Ready to use protocol of a test case
 Power point presentation
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Credits : Elizabeth Anthony, Jonathan Bayuo


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