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Month: September 2013

Gene discovery could lead to new types of HIV treatments

Breast cancer screening, making a case for aggressive active surveillance

Breast cancer has received a lot of publicity in Ghana since it became a public health issue. Much has been done to get people to use simple techniques such as  breast self examination to detect lesions and report to hospital….

Doctors call off strike at TamaleTeaching Hospital

Juniors doctors at the Tamale Teaching Hospital who embarked on a strike on 18th September, 2013 in protest for unpaid allowances in excess of 15 months , have called off the strike two days into it . According to the president…


This represent exciting results that can be obtained from use of heparin in the management of severe burns. After reading the power point presentation,  colleagues may be stimulated to try this relatively new way of managing burns A 26 year-old…

UN chemical experts confirm use of sarin gas in Syria

A team of experts tasked to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war in Syria have comleted and submitted their report to the Secretary General , Ban Ki Moon. In a televised broadcast Ban Ki…

New video : Right occipital craniotomy , getting the hammer out

This patient was hit on the head with a hammer during a fight .The sharp end of the hammer got stuck in the right occipital region . The hammer got wedged in the sgmoid sinus , bleeding initially held in…

Edward syndrome

  baby is 4 day old female  was referred to KATH MBU by mother complaining  of poor feeding and abnormal body features present at birth Examination : Not pale , anicteric, CRT<2s, RBS 3.1mmol/l     PCV 60% HR 98…

Presacral abscess in an elderly man

85 year old man presented at the ER with progressive deterioration of general health,inability to walk in the past few months, mostly confined to bed in last few weeks. He  has severe lower back pain, no radiation to the leg….

Multiple skeletal abnormalities in a newborn

      6 day old baby was referred to KATH from Tafo Government Hospital, 45minutes from presented at birth with multiple limb abnormalities present at birth. Baby was delivered  SVD at term, the second of a set of…