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Bilateral tarsal ectropion

Bilateral tarsal ectropion

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50 year old presented to the eye clinic with longstanding eversion of both eyelids, increased tearing, and visual discomfort. This had adverselsy affected the quality of his social life. He often had to wear sunglasses  to protect his eyes from photo -irritation, and to hide his defect from the prying eyes of the general public.
Examination :
1 .Bilateral eversion of lower eyelid .The  soft tissues of the inner margins of the upper eyelids appear enlarged and felt gritty
2. Bilateral corneal opacity ( exposure keratopathy).
Diagnosis :
1.Bilateral tarsal ectropion
2. Blepharophimosis syndrome
Surgery : Bilateral frontalis sling
Procedure :
Stab incisions made  just proximal to the tarsal plate and at the eyebrows.
suture passed between the suborbicularis plane and fixed to the frontalis muscles in a double triangle
Postoperative state : Patient made satisfactory recovery . Much of the perioerbital oedema subsided . He was discharged for early review and further planning on staged repair.
Credits : Dr Peter Armah ( Consultant Opthalmologist), Dr Osei Bonsu ( Specialist, Ophthalmologist )
Special thanks to the patient for consenting to us taking pictures of the surgery


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