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Tension pneumocephalus

Presenting Complaint:  Head injury, bleeding from ears 24hrs The patient is a 52 year old man who suffered blunt trauma to his head when the a log fell from a loaded truck hitting him on the head and knocked him…

Subdural abscess in a 12 year old

Presenting complaint: Inability to talk, left sided weakness of 4 days duration Patient has been complaining of recurrent head and ear aches for the past five years . This was frequently associated with yellowish nasal discharge . He was suddenly…

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New video : Right occipital craniotomy , getting the hammer out

This patient was hit on the head with a hammer during a fight .The sharp end of the hammer got stuck in the right occipital region . The hammer got wedged in the sgmoid sinus , bleeding initially held in…

Unsteady Gait In A 20 Year Old Boy

20 year old student of Kumasi polyechnic  presented with 6 months duration of recurrent severe headache. This was worse defectation durng which it becomes more localised to the occiput. He had a single episode of vomiting during one evening ….

sudden weakness in muscles of a 14 year old male.

PS0003 Presentation : Difficulty in passing stool for one week 14 year old presents with week duration of sudden onset of inability to walk.  This was preceeded by 4 days duration of fever , headache ,, joint pains for which…