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Epispadias in a 19year old male

Epispadias in a 19year old male

IMG-20130817-WA0012   IMG-20130817-WA0009    20130815_154835 20130815_164510
19 year old presents with passage of urine from an opening at the dorsum of the penis since birth. Two repairs were attempted during childhood but both failed. Child problem posed a lot of psychosocial problems for the child and parent.
Examination: Dorsal chordee. Urethral opening at the dorsum of glans penis. Normal scrotum and testes.
Investigations : FBC, Urine culture and sensitivity,  GXM
Surgery : Urethroplasty
Intraoperative Details: Penis degloved with circumcising incision. Corpora bodies separated from urethra. Urethral wings mobilised. Tuberisation of urethral plate. Ventralisation of urethra. Two layered repair of glandular urethra done. Apposition coropral bodies over urethra.
Postoperative state:  Wounds healed without complications. Patient now able to urinate per anterior neourethral meatus.
Credits: Drs Gyasi Sarpong  (Urologist) , Addae Arhin (Urologist), Arthur Douglas (senior resident)


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