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Going through and through
General Surgery

Going through and through

IMG-20130706-WA0014 IMG-20130706-WA0013-1IMG-20130807-WA0007 IMG-20130807-WA0006
10 year old boy climbed a mango tree fell off and landed on a palm tree . He was seen and initially examined at Holy Family hospital, Techiman. His ABCs normal.Patient was  fully conscious from time of injury . Diagnosis of penetrating abdominal injury made. Two large peripheral iv acess secured  and patient refered to A&E KATH. He was reviewdd by the gemeral surgery team on duty and operated within an hr of presentation. Patient made excellent recovery and was discharged home.
Surgery: Exploratory laparotomy
Findings: Normal looking abdominal  viscera. The stick took a completely extraperitoneal trajectory , missing all vital structures
Post operative: Patient made excellent recovery and was discharged
Credits🙁 Drs) Senyo Gudugbe ( Holy family Hospital, Techiman),  Ishmael Kyei, Mensah (general Surgeons)   , Emergency team KATH


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