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New Born In Distress
Paediatric Surgery

New Born In Distress

IMG-20130629-WA0012  IMG-20130629-WA0011
2 week old female delivered by cesarean section on account of pregnancy induced hypertension . Apgars 5 and 8. Baby was found to be   in respiratory distress at birth and cyanosed
RR-60, .HR-130, CRT 2s, RBS 5.4mmol /l,   Hb-19.5,   WBC 11.5,     BUN : 1.5mmol  , Creatinine-32umol /l
Examination :.Auscultation of the chest revealed bowel sounds  over left hemithorax.  Reduced air entry on the right lung field
Diagnosis : Congenital diaphragmatic hernia 
Surgery: Through an extended left upper quadrant abdominal  incision used  laparotomy performed. Viscera reduced and defect measuring (12*8)cm  in the posterolateral diaphragm repaired with nylon 3/0
Findings :
Heart had no pericardium and was displaced to the right. Herniated bowel included omentum, stomach, spleen, small and large bowel. Large defect in posterolateral part of left hemidiaphragm extending to the right.
Patient made excellent recovery  postoperatively
Credits : Dr Michael Amoah  Paediatric surgeon and Dr Afrifa  surgery resident. KATH, Kumasi


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