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Ovarian tumour of mega proportion

Ovarian tumour of mega proportion

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35 year old nulliparous woman presents with abdominal mass of years duration. This was associated with early satiety , weight loss .
Examination : Generally well looking, slightly wasted. Obvious uniformly enlarged abdomen, looking globular, no lower limb swelling.
Diagnosis : Ovarian tumour
1.Abdominal USG :  Cystic mass with multiple sepations occupying whole of abdomen . All other viscera normal
2. LFT : normal
3. FBC : normal
4. RFT : normal
5. Electrolytes normal
Surgery :
Laparotomy with left salpingoophorectomy , biopsy of right ovary
Findings :
1. Large left ovarian tumour with intact capsule  weighing 24kg, circumference of 120cm , volume of 28litres
2. Moderate enlargement of right ovary
3 . Normal looking uterus
4 .No ascites, no enlargement of paraaortic lymph nodes
5. Liver , spleen normal
Whole tumour and the wegde biopsy of the right ovary sent for histopathology
Patient weighed 71.3kg prior to surgery but due to delayed presentation she had to carry an extra ‘tumour burden’ of 24kg. She should now weigh around 47.3
Credits : Dr Rexford Dzokoto ( Specialist, OBGYN ) Dr Tony Yeboah,  ( Specialist OBGYN)  Dr Gyimah Gyarteng (Resident) Medical students , Nurses of Theatre 4 (Theatre  Main )


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