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Time Lost Is Never Gained
Paediatric Surgery

Time Lost Is Never Gained

This is monday , the begining of the week, the beginning of another long wait in theatre.This is one of several scenes on any day at KATH main theatre. All the members in this team are doctors in various teams of general and paediatric surgery . Some of the doctors in the general surgery team had just finished their weekend duty and had emergencies to do. For hours on end we sat waiting for orderlies ( cleaners) to ready one theatre . It came to the understanding of doctors that the cleaners had gone for a meeting or were simply  unavailable  to work. Members of some of the teams had to be involved in mopping the floor in order to get the next emergency case onto the theatre table. A team had to wait for seven hours just to have their turn. Most of the doctors in the photograph are residents who would be taking MCQ examination the following day. These are the same peopel that must give a good account of themselves after three years of training.The effect of such time wastage on moral ,  lost income and academics can be appreciated by all that read this piece. Let me know how you deal with this situation at your facility.


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